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Professional Guitar Sound Processor Rack style

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DRUID MASTER X3 is a VST3 format effect plugin for Windows 64bits.. 


4 rack units with 8 effect each
Effect chain modes serial and parallel
Noise gate,

EQ with amp modeling (American, Jazz and British)

Stereo Spatial and Ambient Reverb

MIDI control:

- Applicable to Q filter effect as a wha pedal

- Master input and output volume

- Each rack unit our volumen

- Patch change and MIDI channel selector

Effects available:
- Spring Reverb
- Stereo Chorus

- Tremolo with sensitive rate by guitar signal
- Distortion
- Stereo Delay with full separated controls on each stereo channels
- Flanger
- Super SAT II with sensitive drive or color level by guitar signal
- Q Mod Filter with sensitive Q value by guitar signal

Presets: 128 for each bank all editable by the user.

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